Personal Injury Attorneys for Nursing Home Negligence

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If you or a loved one has sustained an injury at a nursing home – whether it is medical malpractice, a slip and fall accident, or physical abuse – you have legal rights which must be aggressively protected. The experienced attorneys at the Fite Law Group offer the personalized service and legal expertise you need during this difficult time.

Recent Arizona Lawsuits Against Nursing Homes and Medical Care Facilities

  • Frank Baldwin Senior (an eighty-four-year-old father of six) was moved into Canyon Valley Memory Care Residence after showing symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease. Within sixteen days, Mr. Baldwin had lost fourteen pounds. He was found unconscious, malnourished, and dehydrated. A lawsuit filed by his widow alleges that he had not been given food or water for a week. The facility claims that Mrs. Baldwin’s lawsuit is barred by an arbitration agreement she does not remember signing.


  • Zora Fishik, a ninety-two-year-old resident of Devon Gables Health Care Center in Tucson, was found ill in her bed one cold November morning. When paramedics arrived, they noted that the window was open – despite the fact that it was thirty-three degrees outside. Ms. Fishik was unable to get out of bed herself or close her window. Paramedics reported her body temperature was a dangerously low eight-five degrees when they arrived. Ms. Fishik died the next day from complications of hypothermia.


  • Donald Hansen was living at the Amber Lights assisted living facility in Tucson when he was suddenly moved into the home of one of his nursing assistants, Tinna Kay Lujan. Hansen called the facility to tell them that he was okay, but Lujan could be heard coaching him in the background. Amber Lights immediately contacted the Pima County Sheriff’’s Department. The Sheriff’s Department found Hansen in Lujan’s home – dehydrated and suffering from an infection.


Your Legal Rights

Arizona statutes offer specific protections for the elderly, and these are enforced by the Attorney General’s Office. The law protects elderly victims from physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, neglect and financial exploitation. It also imposes a duty to report upon medical workers, social workers, conservators and other financial professionals who come into contact with vulnerable adults.

Victims of elder abuse have both civil and criminal remedies under the law. Crime victims are entitled to certain rights under Arizona’s Victim’s Bill of Rights. Thus, if the perpetrator of elder abuse is charged criminally, the elderly victim (or his or her representative) can seek a criminal restitution order, or apply for compensation from the Victim’s Compensation Fund. Victims can also sue facilities or individual perpetrators civilly and receive compensation for negligence in that manner.


The Right Representation for You

At the Fite Law Group, we believe that elderly and vulnerable patients deserve every protection they are afforded under the law. Schedule your free consultation with an experienced personal injury attorney to learn how we can help your family after a nursing home accident. Call (602) 368-1869 or email, and one of our friendly, professional staff will contact you as soon as possible.